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New Donator Ranks

Nathan ADMIN posted Mon at 18:04

Hello! We just finished adding all of our new permanent donator ranks! Go check them out! They have really cool perks fun things :D

Recent Changes to the Server

XenoPunk ADMIN posted Fri at 19:13
  • New Survival world named Townyworld, if you have any builds in the old world, request an Admin to move it to the new world.
  • Rule Changes: No Greifing OR raiding
  • Another Type of GreifProtection besides towny. It is called Pstones, (SpongeBlock) each sponge protects a 10x10Cube area once placed. Commands can be found Here
  • New Permident Donation Ranks Coming soon
  • Player Shops Coming soon
Nathan ADMIN For further help, submit a ticket on our support page.

New Banner! Show your support!

XenoPunk ADMIN posted May 21, 15

Hey Guys and Girls,

SionCraft recently got a new and improved server banner! Show your support by adding it to your signatures where ever you go with the code below!




Nathan ADMIN posted May 21, 15

Do you use Twitch to broadcast your Minecraft game play? If so, you are eligable to be featured on our newly added Twitch page! If you want have your account added to our website, go to the support page and submit a ticket with the needed information, and what your Twitch account is mainly for.


Yes, we do have rules for our Twitch page. If you are added, you must follow these guidlines:
1. Your account must be Minecraft based, you may only broadcast other games if you get permission from the administration.

2. Your broadcasting must be PG-13.
--Rating Guide--
G - General Audiences: Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children
PG - Parental Guidance Suggested: Some material may not be suitable for children, some parents might not like their children watching this
PG-13 - Parental Guidence Strongly Suggested: Some material may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 [All Twitch broadcasts on the Sioncraft website must be rated PG-13 or under. Any broadcast rated R/NC-17/X/XXX will be removed and the offending player punished according to such rating of material broadcasted.]
R: Accompanied by parent if under 17: Contains some adult material

3. You may not discuss political, religeous, or any controvercial material.

4. If you aren't sure about something, ask an administrator or staff member before you cary it out.

We hope to have some broadcasters soon! <3

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