Server Information

LuxSanctum ADMIN posted Jul 25, 15

SionCraft is a server with fun players and mature staff.

We offer many things to make your playing more enjoyable, such as a variety of plugins, ranks and worlds with different game-modes


For your protection we have plugins such as Towny, ProtectionStones and LWC.

We also offer aesthetic plugins such as BlivTrail, EchoPet and LibDisguise

On top of that, there is McMMO, CraftBook, SlotMachine, RandomTP and more!


To rank up on SionCraft, you need to gain power in the McMMO plugin, your rank is based on your overall level of all your skills combined.

View a full list of ranks and rank perks Here


SionCraft offers many different worlds with different play styles and modes. here is a list of them all!

Towny: Your basic Survival world. This is where you can create towns, use ProtectionStones and play minecraft as you normally would! PVP is controlled per person so you don't need to worry about getting killed if you have it off, but you still need to watch out for mobs outside of towns!

PrisonMine and sell to rankup. (Offline until further notice)

Creative: A world where your only limit is imagination! Here, you get the Creative gamemode to build, plan your structures or just have a good time! add friends to your plot and see what you can create!

MiniGames: This is where you can find all of our MiniGames! comer here for fun and rewards!

MobArena. Fight for survival against endless waves of monsters alone or with a group of friends! choose from a variety of custom classes to fight and gain rewards the longer you survive!

Craft Z: Use your survival skill to  survive -and explore- a completly custom world filled with the undead! Find better armor, weapons and gear as you fight your way through hordes of zombies and escape from players trying to steal your loot!

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